This is a creepy pasta from the Legends Of Zelda Majora's Mask for the Nintendo 64. It begins with this boy needed some games to his 64 and got one named Majora's Mask from an old man, and whendd he went home the man said "goodbye Ben". when'd he started the game there was a file save with the name Ben on it and he just tought that it was an old save, so he letted it be. When he started playing all the MPC's called him Ben and he thougtt it be a bug so he erased the file named Ben and the MPC's didntt call him anything. He stopedd playing and thought to himself that he should play it more the following day. next day when he was about to play the file that he played on was gone and replaced with Drowned. he decided to play on that file instead and found himself by the last boss (the skull kid) and the moon was over them and nothing moved. suddenly Link started burning without any reason to do that. and instead for the game over screan he got a message, You've met with a terreble fate, haven't you?

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